Refund Policy

1. Only the cases with minimum 3 months (90 days) commitment (along with fully paid charges) will  be considered  to claim the refund. 
2. The photo of each and every meal must have been shared on Whatsapp with our accountability team for the stipulated period (90 days)
We expect 100% consistency in eating habits and each photo will be reviewed thoroughly.  The cases failing to produce all photos along with  the above mentioned points will not be considered for the refund.
3. Body composition report (Consisting:  weight, percent body fat, muscle mass of body, segmental lean analysis, a graph of visceral body fat) of the participant before starting the program  and after completion of 3 months should be submitted for the refund. (Mandatory)
4. We believe the definition of fitness consists of your overall energy levels, improvement in your eating habits, formation of habits for physical activities and your anthropometric  measurements. 
  We do not consider ‘*Weight*’ as  the only  parameter for your holistic health. 
Hence, all of the above factors will be taken into consideration before making any decisions on the refund. 
5. Filling out the ‘Refund form’ is mandatory to claim the refund.
6. The refund will be generated only through online process (Online transfers/ NEFT/ UPI etc) within 15 working days. No cash payment will be done in any case.
7. The refund cases will be considered only when the payment is made directly to ‘Fitnesscredo’ official bank account through online/offline transfers. 
The payments made to collaboration/ business partners such as hospitals, NGOs, corporate groups, MSMEs ,etc will not be eligible for the refund.
8. All the aplicable taxes will be deducted when the actual refund is made.

Phone Number

+91 78208 57500